Editorial, children's book, personal work, concept art and commissions


Long-form narrative, experimental layout, short stories and autobiography


Character design, backgrounds, limited animation (GIFS), storyboards, and UI


A webcomic about the life of a Jersey Devil detective in Victorian England, his work in bringing peace to the souls of the recently dead, and his friends, across time and place.
Historical urban fantasy saga with a touch of the strange and the magical

Dark and delightful merchandise for the strange and fancy.


Hailing from a dusty metropolis, Reimena Yee has come into the fresh new world with a luggage full of strange and fanciful ideas, of which she will illustrate pretty. She will draw for you, of course, if you too have a strange and fanciful idea, or if you love her work.

She is an illustrator, comic artist, writer, and game artist. When she's not busy drawing, she's busy studying to become a certified psychologist. Her main interest, besides art, is in pursuing cultural knowledge, which includes the sciences, history, philosophy and religion. All this inspires and informs her creative work, particularly the online graphic novel The World in Deeper Inspection.

Interested in collaborating, or a private commission? She's open for personal and professional enquiries.

She's also seeking representation from an agent, with a focus on kids literature.

Email: reimenayee@gmail.com