Sketches, model sheets, and concepts, both personal and commissioned.

callupish (personal)


Grandma's Spring Cleaning

Part of a children's book project commissioned by a private client.


Bear Essentials

Character design (knight and bear) for a cover illustration of an RPG book.


The Witch and the Nerd

Character design of book characters for a private client.


The World in Deeper Inspection (personal)

An urban fantasy webcomic composed of several key things: mythology, the paranormal, history and the macabre. It follows a cast of characters (a Jersey Devil, a banshee, a vampire, an immortal being, and a Norse giant) as they solve the mysteries of the Night. This section contains a mishmash of character design work (which may/may not be related to the worldbuilding), taking inspiration from diverse sources.


The Barghest

The Barghest is designed as a stand-in for all dogs of death across time and place. This specific Barghest has a base shape a la Mexican Hairless Dog (also called a Xolotl), the headdress of Anubis, and the smokiness of The Black Dog. When it sits, it forms the silhouette of a sarcophagus. The front paws are actual human hands. This Barghest design is not its only one, as being an Angel of Death it can change shape according to the viewer.