Hello, adventurer!

You must be wondering how this section of my site is different from the other one, the Very Formal Artist Portfolio. Well, in the olde days, people would call places like this a rabbit hole, an internet house, a personal site... and this section is all of these.

For a long time I wanted to carve an online niche that was my own. This longing became especially strong the longer I tire of social media shenanigans, hopping from platform to platform, unmoored, leaving behind years of memories to be swallowed up by time or the graveyard (for better or worse), subject to the whims and fancies of corporate.

As much as I enjoy the streamlined nature of artist portfolios and understand why it must be a thing, I miss the days when artist sites had more personality and were way less serious. (Nowadays the personality is all on social media.) That conflict pulled me both ways when it came to this dot com. I think my actual Portfolio suffered for it lol.

Since I'm lately more settled in terms of identity and career, it wouldn't hurt now to create the online cabinet curiosity of my dreams, half-separated from my Portfolio and entirely detached from a platform.

A ring of links. A blog. An archive of almost all my work I'm not yet embarrassed to show. Original characters. Feel free to click around randomly and explore and get lost for a while. That's the point. However you travel, I hope you have fun in my strange and fancy corner.

a treasure map linking to a page full of fun linksA map manifests in front of you. You decide to unroll it.