The 21st century graphic novel retelling of the Alexander Romance, a historical-fantastical account about the life, deeds and legends of Alexander the Great, published by Hiveworks as a fortnightly online series.

In addition to full-coloured detailed comics pages, the official website features supplementary materials such as author's notes, research materials, transcript, and documentation on the craft and process of making a graphic novel.


In 323 BCE, Alexander the Great begins to fear.

Fearing the destruction of his pothos – his longing for life, ambition and eternal conquest – from old age, Alexander embarks on a quest for the elusive Water of Life while accompanied by his wisest, most trustworthy Servant.

As they experience a series of countless fabulous wonders, including glass submarines, naked philosophers, Amazonians, and talking prophetic trees, Alexander confronts his complex legacy and reflects on the life and deeds that will cement his transformation into one of the most unforgettable figures in world history.

An Alexander Romance revamped for the 21st century, with an original retelling, a new narrative structure and updated scholarship. Alexander, The Servant & the Water of Life uses motifs from the Alexander Romance literature to critically examine the Macedonian king’s life and deeds, combining history and legend to explore destructive power, grief and longing. It pays homage to the previous authors and artists of the Romance – from the anonymous Egyptian creator Pseudo-Callisthenes to the illuminators of Nizami Ganjavi’s Book of Alexander, celebrating the globe-spanning, interfaith, intercultural literary legacy of Alexander the Great.

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