The 21st century graphic novel retelling of the Alexander Romance, a historical-fantastical account about the life, deeds and legends of Alexander the Great. Coming soon.


In the year 323 BCE, Alexander the Great begins to fear.

Alexander fears the loss and destruction of his pothos – his longing for life, for ambition, for eternal conquest – from old age. Desperate to defeat impending death, he embarks on a quest for the water of life, under the advice and with the sole companionship of his wisest, most trustworthy servant.

Soon Alexander experiences a fantastic adventure. He is given a guiding stone – said to be both lighter than a feather and heavier than a mountain. He then ascends to heaven on a carriage of griffins and descends to meet the wonders of the sea in a submarine. He meets naked philosophers, Amazonians, talking prophetic trees, and all manners of fabulous creatures. As Alexander and the Servant approach the End of the World, Alexander regretfully endures the reckoning of his violent life… and gradually uncovers the truth of his fear.

An Alexander Romance revamped for the 21st century, with an original retelling, a new narrative structure and updated scholarship. Alexander, The Servant & the Water of Life uses motifs from the Alexander Romance literature to critically examine the Macedonian king’s life and deeds, combining history and legend to explore destructive power, grief and longing. It pays homage to the previous authors and artists of the Romance – from the anonymous Egyptian creator Pseudo-Callisthenes to the illuminators of Nizami Ganjavi’s Book of Alexander, celebrating this globe-spanning, interfaith, intercultural literary legacy of Alexander the Great.

The comic is currently in pre-production. Follow the author on Twitter for updates and an announcement date.