You arrive at a family mausoleum. It is a graceful and quiet structure, in peace with the mass of English foliage at its surrounds.

The door is unlocked. Warily you nudge it open, and enter the stale, dusty interiors. Coffins, urns, the itinerant spider... so far nothing out of the ordinary. You notice a stairwell that leads down to the basement, to the ancient catacombs... this must be where he is. You follow the stairs downwards in a circular fashion, lower, lower, the air turns cool and oddly fragrant... it smells like flowers.

He is already expecting you. The Detective.

"Hullo," he says in a sardonic, gentlemanly voice. "What's the trouble tonight?"

You tell him everything. He listens attentively. The void gaze of his eyeless sockets is unnerving.

"Ah. You're in luck. This is a simple matter. Bronx and I will have it done and dusted for you before the Night ends. In the meantime, why don't you relax at The Memento Mori? "

You tell him you're new to Brookham. Only here for a few days, to settle that Simple Matter.

"Is that so? Hah! I'm not a tour guide," he snorts. "If you're keen to explore the, I believe, many curious sights of our cozy little Night, you may consult my friends. And, here is a map of Brookham. It'll prove useful. Have fun."

The Detective immediately swivels his chair away from you and towards the bookcase, disinterested in further cordiality. What a strange character (but you know that strangeness must be why he's so good and famous).

You glance at the map. You look around the catacomb. What is your next step?

This is a little, fun worldbuilding project tied to my webcomic, The World in Deeper Inspection. Feel free to click any of the links and explore what Brookham Night has to offer. Imagine yourself as a spooky denizen. A ghost, vampire, immortal wanderer, etc.

  • Look at the Brookham map.
  • Talk to the 8 feet tall giant crouched over a laptop.
  • Talk to the regal-looking, fluffy Jersey Devil with one leg over the couch, reading a romance novel.