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Strange Wunders

I have a fondness for strange things: strange headlines, strange history, websites, food combinations... having been exposed to the highs and the lows of the internet I've amassed a collection of odd knick-knacks that will trickle your funny bone and make you question the sensibilities of humanity. Most of them are more amusing and wholesome than outright edgy.

Strange Websites

Seletti - a bizarrely-designed site for a retailer of novelty furniture and items. Imagine all the design sins of Internet 1.0 - popups, animated banners, neon colours - but set inside a high art gallery space. The novelty goods are worth checking out. Here is a screenshot of the layout in case they update it.

The Horror GIF Necronomicon - for all your spoopy GIF needs.

Strange Headlines

Feel free to google each headline if you want its full story. All of them are actual, real life events.

Strange Items and Food Combos

Some of the things on sale from actual restaurants, franchises and retailers are downright bonkers, making you wonder what goes on in the meeting room when these ideas were proposed.

    1. Boba balls (sweet tapioca pearls) on top of cheesy pizza
    2. Spicy instant noodles with boba and sweet tea broth

MAMEE x Tealive New Spicy Mi Boba is Out and We're So Confused - Penang Foodie