Strange Headlines

Feel free to search each headline if you want its full story. All of them are actual, real life events. Or as real as they can be. I collect these new stories based on how whimsical and absurd they are.

During the pandemic:

  1. Terrorist org ISIS bans members from entering Europe due to coronavirus.
  2. Italian man wears a GIANT disk in a bid to enforce social distancing.
  3. Hundreds of hungry monkeys swarm across Thai street as ‘rival gangs’ fight over food after tourists who normally feed them stay away due to coronovirus.
  4. French mayor defends holding massive Smurf rally despite coronavirus spread: “We must not stop living.”
  5. Coronavirus conference cancelled due to coronavirus.
  6. KFC suspends iconic ‘Finger licking good’ slogan amid coronavirus fears.
  7. Customers in Australian supermarket enter knife fight over toilet paper.
  8. Japan continues tradition of drawing a yokai (Amabie) who was said to emerge from the sea and prophesised “if you show people a picture of myself the plague will subside.”
  9. An Australian astrophysicist has been admitted to hospital after getting 4 magnets stuck up his nose in an attempt to invent a device that stops people touching their faces during coronavirus outbreak. Denies further magnets. “My partner took me to the hospital she works at because she wanted all her colleagues to laugh at me.”
  10. Man dressed as ‘pocong’ (a type of Southeast Asian Muslim ghost) spooks village in Central Java into self-isolation.
  11. Dead mink infected with Covid rose from the grave.