Old Art – Sparkledogs

The evolution of sparkledog original characters, from 2008 to 2014.

Like many Deviantart teens in the late 2000s I had a sparkledog OC. Several, in fact. I don’t think I designed them for any other reason besides that sparkledogs were fun and trendy… I very quickly moved on from them, and left behind these relics – which I’m glad I kept, because they actually are fantastic examples of how my drawing fundamentals and design sense improved within 6 years (from age 13 to 19). Particularly the drastic level up during 2008. Like, damn, 13 Year Old Me was so boss. I can only wish to replicate that phenomenon again.

If you click on the images they will display captions for the year each drawing was created.

I also wrote a lot of DA journals in which I would document my Super Saiyan Improvement Journey (something I didn’t know was happening at the time). If I recall correctly I did a lot of studies. I was looking at art from better sparkledog artists and a lot of other media, and really tried to refine my middling dog anatomy. After that, from when I was 14 onwards, I leaned fully into my natural style, emphasising the things I was good at (colours, shapes, fluidity). But not forgetting to study and improve my fundamentals.

Anyway, if sparkledogs ever make a return I’ll be ready. :p