Silly little drawings of my TWIDI characters if they were in a circus.

Deviantart comment:

My friend Kite requested me to do AUs based on clothing styles (e.g on the beach, dressing in beach clothes; in a fancy restaurant, dressing in fancy restaurant clothes). It’s still an on-going project, and it will come out when it does.

Anyway to begin this is the CABINET OF CURIOUSITIES CIRCUS AU.

  1. A sphinx tamer!
    It’s interesting to twist the usual image of Lion-Tamer and Lion. Grims will answer riddles and open mouths and pull out the digested remains of unfortunate riddler-answerers who got their answers wrong. His clothes are flamboyant and bright, just like Grims himself.
  2. Catherine is so easily imagined as an acrobatic unicorn rider; not only is it a good excuse for her to dress in her preferred style of male clothing in feminine cuts and styles, but she gets to do tricks on a unicorn, and what girl wouldn’t want a job like that??
  3. WELL duhhh obviously Bronx is the strongman!
    Capable of lifting tons of cryptids with just a hand, or even, a finger! Amazing wonderful extraordinary!
    His clothes require no explanation really; it’s just airy and cute and strongmanly.
  4. A knife thrower! Or specifically, an eye-candy assistant to an unbeaten expert of knife throwing, juggling and more. Ilias has had some experience with sharp things in the past (whether by wielding them or getting stabbed, bifurcated, beheaded or maimed by them). Also in my head, things like swords and knives are very classical ancient weapons, so it feels good to have Illy linked to them. The clothes he’s wearing is just, eye-candy material. I mean, is there any better explanation to this other than he looks GOOD in them??
  5. HAH the most natural choice: for Kimberly she would do aerial acrobatics, because she is a top-grade ballerina in her spare time, which requires her to be flexible! Also it is nice to have her dressed quite minimally and sexily enough without being too skimpy.
  6. There is actually no other position left for Zeynel except for the one that dabbles in MAGIC and ILLUSIONS. He would make bats fly out of turbans and make crows disappear and eat a rat down his throat only to pull it up alive and undigested. The amount of handling he has to do with his animals would make him a MAGICIAN.
    His clothes are just his typical style: understated, plain and very simple.