A series of animated illustrations of my TWIDI characters set in the graveyard.

Deviantart author’s comment:

Graveyard Shift

This is the picture I’ve been waiting for two years to draw (yes, that’s a long delay). The composition changed drastically but it’s more or less the same concept. These ghosties are called Fragments – as the name implies, they are leftover memories of the deceased, and almost always represented as themselves and the activities they did during the memory. Like seeing the previous occupant drinking tea in a recently haunted house, Fragments are non-interactive and cannot respond to any external stimuli, especially talking. For Grimsley, they are TV basically; he likes to spend his free time occasionally watching the Fragments in the graveyard do their stuff, and so this is what this picture is all about.

Graveyard Flowers

Experimenting with a Steven Universe-ish background along with its colours; I really love the BGs on that show.

Graveyard Lake

YAY! Continuing the graveyard series! This time it’s Illy! It’s one of those old pictures I’ve had for a couple of years now. It changed a bit, but anyway, hands in the water are a motif for Illy: part of the wide array of TWIDI’s library of symbolism.

Also experimented a bit with capturing a Victorian landscape painting (cult of sensibility! romanticism!). I saw a few things (animated movies in particular) using a lineless background while their characters are lined, and I think I might want to go in that direction for TWIDI when it comes out of hiatus. I still want to make it look like The Illusionist though, so we will see.