Merch design, illustrative logos and website assets for small ventures and projects.

The Carpet Merchant Nightingale & Bat Enamel Pin Design (2019)

The Carpet Merchant x The Alphabet Press (2019)

Collaboration with The Alphabet Press (TAP) in Malaysia to produce a letterpress print. The print is as an exclusive backer reward for The Carpet Merchant graphic novel crowdfunder. Artwork by me, printing + photography by TAP.

If/When/How (2018)

Artwork/portrait of the staff for a special totebag.

Wedding Cocktail Menu (2018)

A personalised menu of cocktails inspired by the bridge and groom's cats.

Kitty Photo (2018)

Logo design for a photo uploading site.

Hanum Bey (2018)

Patterned headscarf design for a Malaysian hijabi company. Set of 3. Each scarf is designed to blend Malaysian aestheticism with Near Eastern influence.

Hiveworks (2018)

Patterned background for the Hiveworks Tumblr/blog.

Gia Volpe (2017)

Icon for Gia Volpe, a personal blog about mental illness, advocacy, sexuality and feminism.

Hoot.Video (2017)

Icon and avatar designs for another Mastodon server (Hoot.Video, a video-sharing community) by Ginny McQueen.

Borderline Divine (2017)

Icon/banner design for Borderline Divine, a personal blog for mental health resources.

The Sloth & Otter Bakery (2017)

Logo design for a small bakery.

Kitty.Town (2017)

Icon and avatar designs for a Mastodon server (Kitty.Town) headed by Ginny McQueen.

Hiveworks (2017)

Redesigning a business card for the CMO and founder of Hiveworks Comics.

Zulip (2016)

From website: The world's most productive group chat. Zulip combines the immediacy of Slack with an email threading model. With Zulip, you can catch up on important conversations while ignoring irrelevant ones

I was commissioned by the Zulip team to design some chat bot avatars for an open source project in collaboration with Google Code-in.

Pinemarten Education (2016)

Commissioned by Caroline Bayley to design a set of 12 achievement badges for Smart Rubric, a web app that helps teachers grade student work. Each badge represents a reward (i.e get a sweet treat, go to the beach, etc).