Resources & Materials

Over the years I’ve created an assortment of materials on the craft of making comics, writing and being an artist. I usually publish these on my blog, but there are a few threads on Twitter that deserve a proper archive on my site (some of them are especially long!).

I enjoy making essays and books on comics craft, and am available for any opportunity to engage in teaching and visual literary outreach. 🙂

If you’re curious about influences and general questions, you can hop on over to Frequently Asked Questions.

Twitter Threads

Process Thread: Seance Tea Party (2018 – 2020)

Live Documentation of my process writing, illustrating and publishing Seance Tea Party.

Process Thread: My Aunt is a Monster (2020 – Ongoing)

Live Documentation of my process writing, illustrating and publishing My Aunt is a Monster.

Process Thread: Alexander (2019 – Ongoing)

Live Documentation of my process writing, illustrating and publishing Alexander, The Servant & The Water of Life.


The Onion Method: A Story Outline Method

A guide describing my homemade method of creating story outlines, based on the alternating interactions between two principles, Theme and Character. I initially wrote this for graphic novels (since that’s my primary medium), though apparently the Onion Method is transferable to other forms of fiction writing.

The Onion Method: Art Directing a Graphic Novel

The second stage of the Onion Method, detailing how I decide on an art direction based on a story outline.

How to Break Into Comics and Succeed at Them (Malaysian Edition)

Most comics resources are based in North America and Europe, so I’ve created a guide on breaking into the comics industry, tailored for Malaysians and other nearby Southeast Asians. It’s an ongoing centralised resource, and is updated based on the latest developments in online and print comics.

Creating a Graphic Novel Pitch for Agents and Publishers

Guide on how to create a simple, straightforward graphic novel pitch. Please also check submission guidelines of your target agent or publisher!

How to Research for a Graphic Novel

Some advice on information literacy and doing research if you’re embarking on a research-heavy graphic novel project (applies to prose and other art forms too).

Organisation Systems for a Research-Based Graphic Novel

The softwares and apps I use to catalogue my research materials so they don’t get lost.

Personal essays on craft, life and thoughts on my work can be found on the blog.

Other Places

Alexander, The Servant & The Water of Life

An entire site dedicated to archiving the creative process and research material on ALEXANDER, which exist alongside their final result (the graphic novel). It’s unique in that regard. I think it’s good material for classes and for showing that comics require a lot of work.

UNNAMED: A Regional ASEAN Comics Collective

I co-found and co-organise this collective, where we share resources and conduct high-quality workshops and panels focused on the applied arts and visual literacy.

The Value of Research in Storytelling (Video)

A panel I moderated for Comics Art Festival Kuala Lumpur, featuring illustrator-editor Charis Loke, comics writer and editor Asa, and prose novelist Hanna Alkaf. It’s almost two hours long and goes quite deep into each person’s craft and explores how good research methods are applicable in comics, illustration, editorial and prose. Another unique thing is it’s all from the perspective of Malaysians who juggle the worlds of the East and the West, so very different from the usual discussions centered on white, Western-based power dynamics.

Making Stories Out of History (Video)

A panel I moderated for Geeks OUT. Listen to five visual storytellers as they discuss the challenges and joys of creating graphic novels and illustration in the historical genre, and the craft involved in producing thoughtfully-researched, mature stories inspired by history and culture. Subjects are as diverse as ancient Greek erotica, WWI poems, Kabyle fashion, 18th century vampires and 2000 year old literary traditions.

Introduction to Webcomics (Video)

An introduction to the world of webcomics for the local Alliance Francaise.

The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya Supplementary

This is really outdated and no longer reflects my current level of research or teaching (for that, see ALEXANDER), but the supplementaries for both volumes of the comics are useful as precursors, and for providing additional context that informed the storytelling.


A collection of interviews about my career and my work.