Reimena Yee is an Eisner-nominated Malaysian illustrator and graphic novelist currently based in Melbourne, Australia. She has illustrated for Adventure Time, Girls Make Games, and Hasbro, in addition to a wide-ranging list of independent clients; and created several webcomics and graphic novels.

Welcome to my resume. Here is a summary of my main skills:

  • Graphic novelist/Author-illustrator
    I write and illustrate graphic narratives for a wide range of age demographics, from middle grade to adult. As a writer, I'm attracted to thoughtful stories that cherish the diversity and hopefulness of the world, both past and present. I'm methodical and character-driven, preferring to tell well-loved stories to the young and young at heart, the wandering and the wondering. As an author-illustrator of my own books, I enjoy deep ambitious dives into literary motifs and big themes, that focus on the epic within the mundane. My art is inseparable to the writing, fused into a singular language that expresses itself as immersive visual direction and a unique layout style. I gravitate towards historical fiction and
  • Illustrator/Illustrative Designer
    My style is whimsical, elegant and versatile, with a gothic, poppy twist. I have a love for experimental work that pushes the boundaries of a medium. I am able to work on diverse range of projects, from fabric design to game artwork. I gravitate towards making art that will be displayed in print, like books, packaging and merchandise. The stranger the project, the better.
  • Southeast Asian Co-founder & Comics Outreach
    I'm the co-founder and outreach personnel of unnamed, a collective for Southeast Asian comics, with a co-founding team of professionals from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines. I'm in a strong network with members of the Malaysian creative industry. As part of the collective, I am able to connect international publishers with Southeast Asian comics professionals and publishers. unnamed is currently building programs and workshops for the regional comics community.
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Bizarre Beasts: December (2020), DFTBA, Enamel pin design of the Icefish

Once Upon a Time International Storytelling Festival (2020), Poster

Voiceworks #115 Gothic (2019), Express Media, Cover Illustration, A.D Mira Schlosberg

Rolled and Told #8 (2019), Lion Forge, Illustrator, A.D Christina 'Steenz' Stewart

Voiceworks #111 Riff (2018), Express Media, "Truffle", Interior Illustration, A.D Lucy Adams

Neither Hair Nor There (2018), Petrie Press, Cover Illustration/Design, Editor Alisha Jade, Silver Ledger Award

Dropmix (2018), Hasbro and Harmonix, Illustrator

People of Colo(u)r Destroy Fantasy (2017), Destroy SF, "The Things My Mother Left Me", Editorial Illustration, A.D Pablo Defendini

1001 Knights (2017), Anthology, Illustrator

Bravest Warriors, (2015), Issue 29, BOOM! Studios, Cover Artist
Lumberjanes (2015), Issue 13, BOOM! Studios, Cover Artist
Adventure Time: Marceline Gone Adrift (2015), Issues 1 – 6, BOOM! Studios, Main Cover Artist
A.D Whitney Leopard

Farrago Magazine, University of Melbourne, Student Magazine
(2017) Issue 1 – 8, Editorial Illustrator
(2016) Issue 1 – 8, Editorial Illustrator | Issue 3, Cover Artist
(2015) Issue 5 – 8, Editorial Illustrator | Issue 8, Cover Artist

Above Water (2015), University of Melbourne, Student Anthology, Editorial Illustrator

Write Brain Books (2014), Children’s Book Illustration

Liquid City Anthology (2014), Vol 3, Image Comics, Content Page Illustration


The Average Everyday Adventures of Samantha Browne (2016), Lemonsucker Games, Character Designer & Game Artist
Interfectorem (2016), Girls Make Games, Art Director, Character Designer & Game Artist


The World in Deeper Inspection, (2013 – present), Creator, Writer & Artist, ~1000 Total Pages
The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya Vol I & II (2016-2018), TWiDI, Creator, Writer & Artist, 668 pages

Nominated for Best Digital Comic, Eisner Awards (2018) and The Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity in Comics (2019)
Hardcover published by Unbound, Vol I (2019 and 2020) and Vol II (upcoming)

Séance Tea Party (2020), Writer & Artist, Random House Graphic

The Maker's Club series (2020), Writer & Colourist, with Artist Tintin Pantoja, Difference Engine SG

Book 1: Game On!

Missed Connections (2017), 10 page comic
2017: A Pictorial Letter (2017), 10 page comic
Loneliness (2015), 10 page comic

Adventure Time Comics (2018), Issue 20, BOOM! Studios, "Downhill Derby", Writer Chelsea van Weerdhuizen
Bee and Puppycat (2015), Issue 8, BOOM! Studios, “The Blues”

Songs of Silence (2017), UN Comics, "Bye, Bye Love", editor and writer Nöel Hummels, Rosarium Publishing

Rolled and Told #6 (2019), Lion Forge, Writer E.L. Thomas and Richard Ankney

Popeye's 90th Anniversary Cartoon Club (2019), June 30th, King Features Syndicate


UN Interfaith Harmony Week: Who And Where Are We in A Changing World? (2018), The Interfaith Centre of Melbourne, Graphic Designer, Branding

Winner of the HM King Abdullah II of Jordan Prize for World Interfaith Harmony Week 2018

The Spirit of Youth Concert (2016), The Interfaith Centre of Melbourne, Commitee Member, Graphic Designer, Branding

UNNAMED: a collective for Southeast Asian Comics, co-founder and outreach lead

Weekend Comics Workshop @ Rimbun Dahan
A Weekend of Comics and Illustration @ Open Studios Penang


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