Summer Relaunch: Announcement

Hi all,

1. Yes, I’ve not forgotten this comics review blog. Its existence eats at me everyday.

2. Yes, I’m going to do this. For reals.

I’ve a valid excuse for my disappearance at least: I was hard at work (writing, thumbnailing, drawing and all) my upcoming middle-grade graphic novel Seance Tea Party, and I severely underestimated the energy it took out of me. Whatever morsel of energy I had left was either given to pending freelance work or self-care. Everything else went into the backburner.

Anyway, I’m done with Seance Tea Party! Now that this mountain has been scaled, I finally have the time and space to dedicate to RIBU.

Here are my plans in the coming month or so:

I’ve two interviews with two brilliant artists: Hien Pham, who tells kind, gay stories in the intersection of games and comics; and Taylor Leong, an independent author exploring the intricacies and nuance of faith within the Bible. I’ll also be looking at their featured comics respectively, which I’m excited about!

Because I still need to recover from producing a GN, and this comics review thing is new to me, I’ll be taking time with RIBU. I don’t know when the first interview (with Hien) will come out exactly, but let it be known that I’m working on it. (I’M SORRY HIEN)

Will see you soon!


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  1. It is going to be wonderful to see what comes next. All the patience in the world for it.

  2. Yes totally! One of the things I want to do is feature international creators. Not much love for comics outside North America!

    • Lessie
    • August 4, 2019

    That sounds like a good idea since there’s a lot of genre and great visual storytellers that need to be in the spotlight

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