PORTFOLIO of Favourite Projects

A selection of professional and personal projects which both indicate my visual storytelling strengths and my desired type of work.


Whimsical and poppy gothic illustration with an elegant touch. Anything to do with the book arts and design. A passion for art history and decorative detail. Versatile for children and adult eyes alike.

Witch's Mixtape by John Dingo

EP album cover illustration and design (back and front). All type is handwritten by the client.

The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya Vol I
Author and Illustrator

Award-nominated graphic novel set in historical Istanbul. Depicted with culturally-relevant aesthetics, from colour palette to full-bleed page layouts.

  • 2018 Eisner Award nominee for Best Digital Comic
  • 2019 Dwayne Mcduffie Award for Diversity finalist

The Carpet Merchant x The Alphabet Press

Letterpress postcard created as backer reward for graphic novel's crowdfunding campaign. Made in collaboration with The Alphabet Press, a letterpress studio based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

More information and artwork about The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya, including where to purchase a copy, is found in the link below.

Cover illustration and design of Volume I

Title treatment, artwork, layout and embellishments are done by me. The cover makes nods to the art of the Ottoman Muslims. The backpanel is a synthesis of Quran illuminated manuscipt and Ushak carpet motifs; the florals are inspired by Ottoman metallic thread embroidery; the front cover artwork borrows visual elements of Ottoman-style illumination, hinting at the art direction of the interiors.

Nightingale and Bat Enamel Pin Design

Voiceworks Magazine Issue 111: Riff / Truffle

Spread and spot illustrations to accompany a short story, Truffle, by Alex Philp. A.D Lucy Adams

Once Upon A Time International Storytelling Festival

Poster for an online international storytelling festival for children.

Marceline Gone Adrift #01 to #06, BOOM! Studios

Cover illustration for Adventure Time spinoff comics series.

Dropmix, Hasbro and Harmonix

Artwork for a pack of cards as part of the Dropmix game.

Rolled & Told, DnD magazine, Issue #8

Full page illustration.

Rolled & Told, DnD magazine, Issue #6

Two page silent comic, written by E.L Thomas and Richard Ankney.