Comics & Graphic Novels

The World in Deeper Inspection

TWiDI is an ongoing multi-episodic webcomic about Detective Alcott B. Grimsley, a Jersey Devil in Victorian England whose job is to find peace for the souls of the recently dead.  All through his dangerous and exciting life, he is not alone - his friend group consists of a giant, a vampire, a banshee and a wanderer. Together they solve mysteries, make sense of the quirks and novelties of an increasingly modern world, and grapple with their own stories, while maintaining the strong platonic love between each other.

This is my largest project to date - it currently has more than 400 pages - and my most ambitious. TWiDI is a landmark portfolio of what I can do with comics. The majority of its page designs are experimental and highly artistic – employing multiple styles and media and consistently paying homage to art movements throughout history. The narrative is dynamic and interconnected, touches upon themes of liminality and friendship, and is a love letter to the strange and terrifying experience that is this world and this existence.

A sample of a short story - Pestilence.

A sample of a short story - In Sleepy Hollow.

The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya (2016-2018)

An Eisner-nominated two-volume graphic novel set in 17th century Istanbul and 18th century England, about a carpet merchant from Istanbul and his reconcilitation with faith, love and home in the aftermath of his death by a vampire.

A historical romance epic with a modern, satirical take on Gothic fiction and the literary vampire genre.

Séance Tea Party (2020)

After watching her circle of friends seemingly fade away, Lora is determined to still have fun on her own, so when a tea party leads Lora to discovering Alexa, the ghost that haunts her house, they soon become best friends.

CALLUPISH (2017, 2018)

A pitch packet for a YA series, about four teenage dogs anxious over their coming of age in the new millenium.

Alexander, The Servant & The Water of Life (Coming soon)

In 323 BCE, fearing death, Alexander the Great undertakes a quest for the Water of Life together with the sole companionship of his most trustworthy servant. Soon Alexander experiences a fantastic adventure. He is given a guiding stone – said to be both lighter than a feather and heavier than a mountain. He then ascends to heaven on a carriage of griffins and descends to meet the wonders of the sea in a submarine. He meets naked philosophers, Amazonians, talking prophetic trees, and all manners of fabulous creatures. As Alexander and the Servant approach the End of the World, Alexander regretfully endures the reckoning of his violent life… and gradually uncovers the truth of his fear.

A 21st century iteration of the Alexander Romance, a nearly two millennia years old body of literature about the life and legends of the conquerer. It compares the Romance’s fantastical motifs alongside updated scholarship of Alexander’s biography to critically examine the Macedonian king’s legacy.


Marceline joins a derby, but winning is not the only thing she has to worry about. Written by Chelsea van Weerdhuizen.


Puppycat tries to help Bee feel better.