Where will you go?

a gravestone

To the Archives

An almost-complete archive of all my past work that I'm not yet embarrassed to show (starting from 2014). If you want to see the odder projects I have done like games and scarves, this is where they are.

my neopets

To the Crypt

A gallery of all my old art from when I was a teenager. Sparkledogs, Neopets, first attempts at comics. Comes with commentary.

a white raven

To Brookham Night (coming soon)

A browser RPG featuring the characters and world of my webcomic, The World in Deeper Inspection. Explore the eccentric English city of Brookham and its strange denizens that haunt the night.

a skull and cactus inside a bell jar

To the Cabinet of Curiosities

I rarely talk about the things I read, watch or experience since I'm more of a quiet audience, but I'm hoping to change that by maintaining a casual list. Here I've put up my collection of links to websites similar to mine or which appeal to my peculiarities.

a sooty owl

To Ribu

My side blog where I analyse the visual storytelling of some comics I like or think are interesting/experimental.

a giftbox

To Freebies (coming soon)

A place to download fun little free things you can print out. Colouring pages, e-cards (who sends these?), and gift tags. If you're lucky, maybe one day I'll commit into stationary design and open a shop.

To Portrait of an Artist

A mini-site about my creative practice - artist statement, influences, process, theories that informed my artmaking.

a tap dancing flamingo

Looking for more?

Check out the links at the top for comics, books and resources. Who knows what hidden goodies you may find?